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Hello there dear internet friend, my name is Jessica (Peterson) Moore. I was born and raised in Kansas City and have studied, lived, and traveled all over this crazy world. I have been shooting weddings & portraits for over 10 years professionally in the beautiful and ever-growing Kansas City area.  

I studied Fashion Photography in NYC *some* years back at FIT and do my best to keep fresh with fashion trends which I hope reads as the golden threads of beauty throughout my imagery. I am a passionate lover, friend, aunt, vegetarian, foodie, wine enthusiast, adrenaline junkie and romantic. I love reading, writing, dancing, folk music, hosting, dreaming, creating, watching people learn & grow & fail & succeed, I love love traveling & meeting new people from different spaces than my own.

I hope in this blog you can find information, inspiration, a laugh, a cry, a wedding photographer ;) & a friend. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit of me & my work; if you have any questions about my services please feel free to call, text, email me anytime at p913.232.3729.


Category Archives: Paris

A few more images from the South

The drive up to the Chateau
The entrance to Chateau la Nerthe
Where shall we begin!?!
Ahhh, okay here looks good!
Theatre d’Avignon


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Our little weekend getaway

Just before we move back to the States, David and I decided to take a train down to Avignon and Chateauneuf du Pape for the weekend. David stayed in Avignon the Summer after he graduated college with some friends of his family’s and worked in the Palais du Pape (Pope’s Palace). David’s Father...

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The Vigil’s full Session!

Although I have a deep moving to-do list, I could not wait to get to these images. So many great shots of that adorable Baby B…..and no, I am so not biased tyvm

Much love to all my blog readers. I do appreciate each of you. xx

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The Vigil’s Family Session in Paris

I had such a wonderful day with three of my favorite people. It is after midnight but I wanted to get a few images up before this week of crazy preparation for moving Stateside ensues. I love you Heather and David and that little French creation of yours, too


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Hi All,
Here I am doing my best with my first time on a French keyboard at an internet cafe in Paris; our internet and phone at the flat are both down, probably for the rest of our time here.  Therefore, I ask you to please be patient with my email responses as I may not...

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