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Hello there dear internet friend, my name is Jessica (Peterson) Moore. I was born and raised in Kansas City and have studied, lived, and traveled all over this crazy world. I have been shooting weddings & portraits for over 10 years professionally in the beautiful and ever-growing Kansas City area.  

I studied Fashion Photography in NYC *some* years back at FIT and do my best to keep fresh with fashion trends which I hope reads as the golden threads of beauty throughout my imagery. I am a passionate lover, friend, aunt, vegetarian, foodie, wine enthusiast, adrenaline junkie and romantic. I love reading, writing, dancing, folk music, hosting, dreaming, creating, watching people learn & grow & fail & succeed, I love love traveling & meeting new people from different spaces than my own.

I hope in this blog you can find information, inspiration, a laugh, a cry, a wedding photographer ;) & a friend. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit of me & my work; if you have any questions about my services please feel free to call, text, email me anytime at p913.232.3729.


Monthly Archives: June 2010

I <3 this video. watch it to the end. gol

have you ever sat face to face with someone and separated your mouths by one inch and opened your mouths and belted the same tone as loud and as long as you could? I used to do this with my sister on long car trips in the back of the Buick or the Green...

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One Hundred frames a day.

For the next 30 days I am taking my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go.  Even the toilet.  Yea, you read it right ;P  Lots and lots going on in this life of mine for the next 30 days.  So I suspect (much like yesterday) that when I say 100 frames a day, I really...

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Some days I wish I lived in Utah (then I remember that much of the State is dry and most restos and stores are not open past 10p!). It is full of such beauty, and hard to imagine living within monumental beauty such as Utah when I have spent most of my years...

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Gracias, Grazie, Danksche, Thank You.

:expressing one’s gratitude or thanks:
Let’s express our sincere gratitude to at least 5 unexpecting people today.
The Postman
The Cashier
The Cook
The Gas Attendant
The Babysitter
The Parent/Child
The Neighbor
The Friend
The Client
The Scheduler
The Telemarketer.
(ehhhh, thats asking a little much)
I am going to say Thank You today.
Here is a sweet sweet example of how someone said...

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A Frog Prince

I think that when my clients ask me if I have ever shot a wedding at their booked reception venue they are asking because they are thinking if I have shot there before then I will be familiar with the venue which falsely means their pictures will turn out ‘better’.  Its a dirty little secret...

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